EPIK Application Process – If you are considering applying to the EPIK (English Program in Korea) program, here is an overview of the EPIK application process!

This is roughly how things work if you go through a recruiter:

  1.          Express interest to a recruiter
  2.          Have an interview with the recruiter.  If you pass:
  3.      Gather your Letters of Recommendation and complete the EPIK Application
  4.      Interview with EPIK representative in Korea (via Skype).  If you pass:
  5.      Send all your gathered documentation to the EPIK office in South Korea
  6.      Receive an official contract / Notice of Appointment (NOA)
  7.      Obtain your work visa
  8.      Leave for South Korea!

EPIK Application Process – Documents – If you are thinking of applying to the EPIK program make sure you start gathering your documents EARLY!!  You will need to supply (at a minimum):

  •         2 Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
  •          Sealed copies of your Undergrad Transcripts (same for your Masters)
  •          Apostilled copy of your Undergrad Diploma (same for your Masters)
  •          Apostilled copy of an FBI Criminal Background Check
  •          Completed EPIK Application
  •          Residency Certificate (saves you from paying Korean taxes for the first 2 years)

EPIK Application Process – My Experience -Now, this list may not look like it would take a long time, but it DOES!

  •          The LOR has to follow very strict guidelines and I had to get someone from the UK to draft one for me (and mail me signed hard copies) 
  •          Undergrad / Graduate transcripts were easy to order
  •          My Undergrad Diploma-I had to make a copy, have the copy notarized, have my county clerk of courts validate the notary’s signature, then have it apostilled at the Ohio Department of State. 
  •          My Masters Diploma (from the UK)—had to send my original degree to a friend of mine she had to make an appointment and take it to a notary public/solicitor (lawyer type) to have them make copies and sign.  I then had to fill out some paperwork online and email it to her.  She then sent the documents to the UK Apostille office and they sent it back to me. 
  •          Finally, the Criminal Background Check-UGGHHH!!  I sent this off in the beginning of February (as it is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue) with three sets of fingerprints I had taken at my local county jail.  4 weeks later, I received a rejection letter from the Feds stating the fingerprints were illegible.  I had to go back to the county jail and have them issue three more sets of fingerprints.  Another 4 weeks later, I received the Criminal Background Check in the post.  I immediately turned around and sent the CBC off to the US Department of State to issue an Apostille-they require a minimum of 10 business days to process. 


**Keep in mind that each and every step along the way, you are paying for postage and everyone gets paid for their service.  Start gathering your documents early!!!



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