Our final full-day in Tokyo….Boo! We took it easy in the morning and packed up/cleaned our place. We had to be out of the BnB by 10am the next day and did not want to have to rush around at all! What was on our list for the day? Nothing other than shopping in Shibuya.

Once we got situated, we went to Shibuya for some last minute shopping at Village Vanguard, burgers, beers, and people watching. By time we got out there, we only had a couple hours of good weather before it started pouring! Thank goodness I had eyed a British-style pub where we could chill until the weather decided to cooperate.

Village Vanguard is a GREAT place to shop – I compare it to a huge Spencer Gifts (if you are familiar with the US store) and there is a little something for everyone! I also recommend LOFT and Tokyo Hands for all your shopping needs.

Before the rain set in, we tested out a pretty good burger place – I was ready for a little Western food. Can’t go wrong with avocado on a burger!!

shopping in shibuya - Avocado Burger

Avocado Burger

There’s always something to see and do in Shibuya – you can even take a go-kart tour! We were sad that we didn’t see this sooner, but would absolutely do it if we are ever back in Tokyo!

shopping in shibuya - people watching at its finest

Not the most exciting day, but still very good considering all the rain! The next day we had to check out of the Air BnB and head to Narita to to stay in a nice hotel and get a great meal.

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