By our 5th busy day in Tokyo, I was super tired (and a little grumpy) – I was thankful that we took it easy each morning and didn’t try to put in a full 12hr each day! Our agenda for the day: Harajuku, Meji Shrine, and Yoyogi Park.

On Monday, we , made it out of the house around 12:30 and headed straight to the Harajuku area to see the Meji Shrine. It was a decent shrine, but kind of a let-down after the things I saw in Kyoto. We walked around the grounds quite a bit, enjoyed the gardens, and had a quick pop in to Yoyogi Park before we realizing we desperately needed food!

Sake Barrels

Sake Barrels

Back towards the Harajuku subway stop, we grabbed a quick bite and a snack (chocolate croissants-thank you Kylee) before heading back to the park. We thought about doing some shopping in Harajuku (it is super-famous for it) but it was an absolute madhouse – neither one of us was in the mood for that shit (NOPE!). We walked around the park a bit and enjoyed the peaceful scenery. It was really nice to see so many people out enjoying the weather and such a diverse group of people too!


We did catch a really cool performance by some 1950s Rockabilly Dancers and I was able to take a bit of video. *I’m a newbie with video, so please bear that in mind!*

Afterwards, we headed to Shinjuku to check out the area and grab dinner. The place was absolute sensory overload – I’m really glad we decided to stay someplace a bit more quiet!

We grabbed a few (expensive) pints at an Irish pub and set off to find Gachi–the absolute BEST food we’ve had so far – Kudos to my Daegu crew for the recommendation.



After dinner, we headed home to rest our achy feet (we put in another 8mi walking that day) and mentally prepare for our next adventure: Odaiba and Tokyo Tower!

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