We had a difficult time deciding WHICH day to visit the Imperial Palace, due in-part to the weather and the hours of operation. We finally made it and although it was terribly hot an humid, it was one of the clearest days we had the entire trip.

The Imperial Palace had some very beautiful gardens! Entry is completely free and I highly recommend stopping here if you like gardens. You can easily spend a couple hours before you see everything.

After cooling off, we took a stroll through a traditional borough called Yanaka, in hopes of seeing a non-commercial side of Tokyo. Although there weren’t too many picture opportunities in the route we took, we had lovely afternoon stroll.

Our path took us back through Ueno Park, as we wanted to see the lake.

We then sough out sushi. Trip Advisor failed us on this experience – the sushi was mediocre and we were magically overcharged. The other dishes were great, but we were there for the sushi…. Minus these two BIG issues, the atmosphere was nice, I tried some things I’ve never had before, and we even made new friends with a small family who was dining there as well.

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I have a super sensitive stomach and our meal didn’t sit well with me at all (my travel parter was 100% fine). After dinner, we immediately headed home as I nursed some Ginger Ale!

The next day we planned a full day of Shopping, checking out an Owl Cafe, and looking around Akihabara. Stay tuned for this post next week!

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