The weather on Monday was pretty brutal (hot), so we looked for a place to go that was primarily indoors. We decided to check out Odaiba and Tokyo Tower, and we set off in the early afternoon (again). We arrived at one of the complexes, Aqua City, just in-time for lunch. We sought out the ramen ‘experience’ floor – where you can choose from multiple shops that specialize in ramen from different regions. 

After a few minutes weighing our options, we settled on a place. I had a stunning seafood-shoyu ramen that was made even better with a pinch of curry powder.

Odaiba and Tokyo Tower - Ramen Museum

After eating, we walked through all of Aqua City, popping in to any shops that sparked our interest.

En route to Diver City (another shopping complex), we walked through the Venus Fort Odaiba mall that was set up like a European city – there we saw a special collectible car exhibit and also some Toyota rally cars. You should really check this place out!

We finally arrived at Diver City – one of the main goals of our Odaiba trip – so we could see the life-size Gundam robot. We snapped a few pics and took a peek inside the massive mall!

Giant Gundam, Odaiba

Giant Gundam, Odaiba

After finishing, we didn’t think there was much else we really wanted to see (WRONG-there’s a TON more to see), we planned our route to Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo tower only cost 900 yen (appx $9) and revealed some beautiful sights of the city. Even if you don’t go up, the shots of the tower at night are quite pretty.

We put in 7 miles of walking that day and crashed out soon after arriving home. Trying to hit up both Odaiba and Tokyo Tower in the same day is aggressive, but attainable. The next day we planned on seeing the Imperial Palace and a charming borough called Yanaka.

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