Our last day in Tokyo was bittersweet. It had been 4 years since I’d seen my buddy Adam and I wasn’t quite sure when I’d see him again! We had a fantastic time, but now our sights were set on getting back to our respective homes.

We left the Air BnB on-time and put our luggage in some lockers at Tokyo Skytree – we needed to kill a couple hours before heading to our hotel. We hung out at McDonalds, using their wifi, until we found the energy to make the 1hr trip to our hotel.

We arrived at the Richmond Hotel Narita shortly after check-in. I used some of my credit card’s travel point to pay for the stay, but would definitely book with them again. The room was spotless, the staff was very friendly, and they offered free shuttle service to Narita Airport.

The staff provided us with a map of the local area and a list of suggested restaurants. We rested for a couple hours on the gloriously-comfortable beds then sought out a BBQ joint for dinner. We chose a place that was a butcher shop + restaurant – the best decision EVER! The restaurant assigned us the waiter who spoke the most English and he was able to walk us through the extensive menu. We had a wonderful final meal in Japan. I highly recommend Tanaka Shoten Kaiunbashi Douri – it’s heavy on the wallet, but well worth it!

Next week I will post my Top 10 Tips for Traveling to Tokyo (is that enough Ts already?!?).

Thanks for reading!

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