After having a great day visiting Ueno Park and Tokyo Zoo (and having several beers), it took us a LONG time to get motivated the next day. Since the weather was gross (hot and rainy), we popped over to Tokyo Skytree for some hangover food, a bit of shopping, and a walk around the Tanabata Festival.

The view from my front door - Tokyo Skytree!

The view from my front door – Tokyo Skytree!

Tokyo Skytree is a very cool complex, with lots of shopping and dining options. We chose not to go up to the observation decks, but spent a couple hours checking out the souvenir shops and deciding what we wanted to buy on our subsequent visit.

It didn’t take us too long before we found some energy and decided to go back to Asakusa and find the Tanabata Festival. It was a very cool street festival;  we got to see a traditional performance and eat some local street food. My buddy got tried takoyaki for the first time (not from the best place) and we enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

By time the festival was closing, our energy had left us completely. En route back to the BnB, we stumbled upon a small hole in the wall place for dinner, and I had a fantastic chicken tonkatsu.


I’m very glad we took it easy today; we have a long day of pounding the pavement tomorrow as we head out Haranjuku and Yoyogi Park.

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