After leaving Kyoto in the early afternoon, it didn’t take long before we found ourselves in the middle of Osaka. Although we only had 24 Hours in Osaka – we made the most of it.

After dropping our bags off at the front desk, we realized that we were starving.  We grabbed some takoyaki and headed off to find the glorious Kuromon Ichiba Market. Upon arrival, we sampled some Kobe beef, medium fatty tuna, and tempura fish-the food was absolutely stunning! The market is an excellent place to sample some of Japan’s popular foods without having to order full dishes at a time.

Once we had our fill, headed off to Osaka Castle. We chose to take a taxi to the Castle as we were all starting to drag-ass. It was absolutely gorgeous! We didn’t pay to go in, but got a few snacks (some more takoyaki), relaxed in the sun, and enjoyed the scenery.

After visiting the castle the castle, we checked in to the hotel and headed to Dotonbori to visit Don Quijote before dinner. We met up with Nancy’s (and now my) friend Joseph and went to eat some Okonomiyake. It was really really good! Nancy and I decided to share some food and we ordered the beef and acorn jelly (I thought it was the best of the three).

We popped back in to Don Quijote afterwards (we needed to walk some of that food off) and headed back to the hotel.

The next morning, we headed to Osaka Airport bright and early and did some shopping before catching our flight home.

Looking back on our trip, I’d definitely go back to Japan on a long weekend, but do only one city, two was just way too much and 24 Hours in Osaka was not nearly enough time. Many of my friends said that I would fall in love with Japan and they were right–I can’t wait to go back!