Last week we finished our second (of two) summer camps – Christmas Camp was a blast!

You may recall from my earlier post that it is customary for public schools to host summer and winter day camps for local students. In July, we held a Harry Potter Camp for high level elementary school students and we recently finished an all-level Christmas Camp.

This camp had different themes for each classroom: Sending Letters to Santa, Singing the 12 Days of Christmas, Making Sock Olafs, Decorating Christmas Cookies, Having a Snowball Fight and participating in cultural activities related to holiday traditions in Japan and China.

Here’s a great video montage of both our camps this summer! Thanks very much to my coworker Sam for putting this together! I have a lot to learn ^^

My friend John and I were in charge of the Cookie Decorating Class and it was really fun for the kids. We taught them a bit about Christmas desserts in the USA and the UK, went over some simple cookie decorating vocabulary, and let the kids decorate their own candy cane-shaped cookies. The students had the choice of eating immediately or taking them home to share with their family (surprisingly enough, about 50% of the kids took them home). The kids also had the opportunity to take a picture with their finished product and pick up a copy of the photo at the end of camp.

You can see my FULL 30min lesson below:

This camp was another huge success and there are rumors that we may repeat the camp again this winter!

Here’s another Time Lapse Montage that includes bits and pieces of three of our classes – Enjoy!

A BIG thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this camp such a success!!