The second part of EPIK Orientation was-well-exhausting!  After having our ‘Korean Cultural Experiences’ field trip, it was back to business.

Sunday and Monday consisted of classes from 9am-8:30pm with breaks for lunch and dinner.  We also had to prepare a lesson plan to present to our class on Tuesday!  We worked in a group and were provided a topic, suggested grammar points and vocabulary, and grade level.  I was quite nervous and wanted to do a good job (and not be embarrassed in front of my peers)!  I was very happy with our outcome and we learned a lot about co-teaching and group work (I was a little out of practice).

What did you eat while at orientation, you might ask…..Well-a little bit of everything and mostly Korean food!  Here are a couple sample pics of my meals.  My favorite days included the day we had bibimbap, the day we had kimchee pancakes (OMG-amazing) and the day we had pancakes.  After eating rice and kimchee for breakfast for several days in a row, I’ll take Bisquick pancakes and be a very happy girl!  Overall the food was great (though rarely warm), and I tried several things I never would have back home.

I also had the pleasure of taking part in a Taekwondo class where our 3 of our instructors were on the National Team!  It was great great fun and I was super-sore the next day! I will spare you the pictures of me punching, kicking and running around like a crazy person hahaha.  I may look in to taking classes here, but want to get a bit more settled first!

Here is a picture of Class 3 (there were 4 classes and our group was considered a very small intake).

Finally, we had a very nice Closing Ceremony and Farewell dinner before being whisked off to our locations Wednesday morning!  We had a massive buffet and had a hard time fitting all the food we wanted to try on our plates!

I had to find chopsticks-fork and spoon felt too weird!

Though I was sad to leave my awesome roomie (I really lucked out there), I was ready to get to Daegu and officially start my journey as an Guest English Teacher/Native English Teacher.  The orientation was a tremendous help and I will miss my Team 3 family!