As a semi-professional photographer, I’m often asked what type of camera gear I own (or have owned) and what I recommend. I’ve had a long love affair with cameras, starting with the old school Pentax and Canon film cameras I used in high school, moving on to the Mamyiya RZ67 I owned and used in college, and then my very first digital camera – a Canon EOS Rebel G.

Throughout the years, I’ve purchased and sold many camera bodies, lenses, and accessories based on my needs (upgrades or usage). I’m now sporting a very streamlined set of camera gear.

My Primary Camera – Canon EOS 7D

I’ve been a loyal Canon user since about 1998 when I purchased my first film camera. I’m on my third Canon camera and expect that I will continue to use my Canon EOS 7D until it gives up the ghost. Though the Canon EOS 7D Mark II (pictured) is the only one available now, I’d still highly recommend it! I purchased mine sometime around 2009 and it has worked like a charm ever since! Keep in mind – this camera is heavy (especially when combined with the main lens I use) – I have to be sure that I carry a quality camera bag to distribute the weight when I’m not shooting.

Canon EOS 7D Accessories

Within the past 4 years, I decided it was time to upgrade my lenses. Due to the price point of the lenses I currently desire (I’ll talk about that later), I’m working with two lenses right now. I have the Canon EF 24-105mm IS USM lens and a Canon 50mm prime lens. That’s it! And, to be completely honest, I only occasionally wish I had more options in my camera bag.

Other than lenses, I have 2 batteries and 2 flash cards that I always carry with me. I have a ton of other accessories, but I only bring them out to play if I know I’ll be using them (external flash, light meter, filters, etc). I have a bad back, so the lighter I can make my kit, the better!

My Secondary Camera – GoPro Hero4 Silver

I purchased this lil’ guy about 18mos ago and it hasn’t gotten as much use as I would like. BUT – I always carry it with me when I’m traveling, as it takes care of my wide-angle needs and is a less-obtrusive way to capture video on busy busy streets. I haven’t quite got the hang of getting the high-quality pictures out of it that I’d like, but I’m absolutely determined to move past this learning curve. I’ll be meeting up with Kallsy from Pages of Travel this summer and I’m hoping she’ll do a mini-workshop with me!

GoPro Hero4 Silver Accessories

I also have a wide variety of GoPro accessories, but again, I only bring with me what I’ll need. That list is pretty short and sweet – extra batteries, extra flash cards, and a grip of some sort. I research the places I go and think if I’ll want a chest strap, monopod, or selfie-stick.

I’m really happy with the camera gear I currently have and definitely recommend the cameras and accessories to anyone who is looking for a step up (or two) from the entry-level DSLRs. If I could add anything to my kit right now it would be the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens. My walkaround lens doesn’t get quite wide enough for me. BUT – looking at the hefty price tag, I remind myself over and over that the equipment I have is great and I can either take a vacation (or two) or buy a new lens. Vacation always takes the cake.

I’ve purchased all my camera gear from B&H Photo Video since 1997 and have found them to be well-priced and reliable. If you’d prefer to use Amazon, I’ve provided direct links to the products!

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll review my handy-dandy new camera bag!

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