Our first of two summer camps is finished and I have to say – Harry Potter Camp was fantastic! The program was such a hit with the students, parents, and staff, that we will be repeating the camp this winter.

For those of you that don’t teach in Korea, it is customary for public schools (and special schools) to have summer and winter camps. These camps are 1/2 day and are based around a special theme. In July, Global Station hosted a Harry Potter Camp for high-level elementary students and will host a Christmas Camp (next week) for elementary students of all levels.

Here’s a Time Lapse video of the majority of our classes. This was my first time doing Time Lapse and my first time working with video editing software ^^

As teachers, we were very excited about Harry Potter Camp – we personally chose the theme and had relative free-range on our topics and activities. After working closely with our fellow teachers and administrators, we settled on 5 main classroom themes: Diagon Alley, Potions, O.W.L.s, Sports, and Magical Crafts.

My coworker Allison and I took charge of Diagon Alley, where we featured lessons surrounding Gringott’s Wizarding Bank (with a money management theme), The Leaky Cauldron (where students learned to make their own butterbeer), and Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions (where students dressed up and took a picture in front of ‘Hogwarts’ – thanks to a nifty Chroma Key App).

Other teachers came up with innovative lessons like: making sock house elves, playing indoor quidditch, making edible potions, learning about upcycling, and discovering their own patronus!

The 4-day camp was a TON of fun (albeit exhausting) and I think the teachers had as much fun as the kids. I can’t wait to do this again!

Want more detailed information about these classes? Send me a message and I’ll be happy to share!