On our 2nd full day of our Osaka/Kobe trip, my friend Arlene and I paid a visit to the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum (Osaka Ramen Museum 〒563-0041 Osaka Prefecture, Ikeda, 満寿美町8−25). The afternoon was one of the best and most memorable experiences of our trip! The museum is not difficult to find (use Google Maps) and the staff is warm and incredibly friendly.


Entrance to the Osaka Ramen Museum is free (wohoo!), and you can walk around their little museum to learn a bit about the long history of Cup Noodles before going in to the workshop area.

The Osaka Ramen Museum Workshop

Once inside the workshop (the coolest thing ever), you can make several cup ramen and customize each for a whopping 300 yen ($3) each. I made two for myself and one for a friend. You can decorate them and choose from several ingredients to make them completely your own. They even have cooking classes on the second floor – definitely worth checking in to if you have the time.

I chose to make Curry Ramen with egg, onion, garlic, and green beans and then Chili Tomato Ramen with cheese, onion, garlic, and green beans. I had only ever tried the orignial Cup Noodles before, and after my experience with curry ramen in Tokyo, I couldn’t wait to make my own!

The Finished Product

These are my creations (pardon my lack of artistic ability):

They seal them on-site and will keep for 30 days. You can go up front and watch the entire process unfold!

If you have a couple hours to spare, I highly recommend paying the Osaka Ramen Museum a visit. My Cup Noodles are easily the best instant ramen I’ve ever had and the facility it is suitable for kids, adults, and seniors!

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