Well, I’ve been teaching English in Bulgaria for 5 months now and my initial plan to keep you updated every month has obviously fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick 2 out of the last 5 months and I just haven’t had the energy! All is well for the time being and I finally have the time to fill you in on my life as a Fulbright ETA in Bulgaria.

School Life

School life has been great. This semester I’ve primarily worked with 4 other teachers and I’ve been an English Teaching Assistant in their 10th and 11th-grade classes. It’s very interesting to see the varying levels of English and maturity between the two grades and I can’t quite say which I like better. I’m starting to get more comfortable with my students and they are starting to get more comfortable with me as well.

I generally have a lot of fun each week and have held a wide variety of classes ranging from US and Korean culture, to conspiracy theories and moral dilemmas, and most recently a class on the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Next semester I will also start teaching 8th-grade and will be covering a lot of the same topics, just varying the level as-needed. I have started a photography club as well and will be starting an English Conversation club next semester too!

One of my favorite moments of the semester was assigning a Video Project to 3 of my 10th-grade classes. They were not happy with the assignment and were quite worried that they would not be able to achieve top marks on the project. Needless to say, the final projects exceeded both my and their expectations. I could not be prouder of them!

Here are a just a few videos that showcase the range of projects:

If you’d like to see all the videos – I had a hard time only choosing 4- check out my YouTube channel here.

Social Life

My social life has suffered a fair bit to due me being constantly sick, but I have been getting out there as much as I can. Some of my favorite moments have been spending time cooking desserts with a local family and exploring Plovdiv’s culinary scene with my friends. I also have popped down to Sofia a couple times and even had Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ambassador’s Residence! Over Christmas break, I went back to my home away from home, Bristol, England, and spent the holidays with my bestie Jo.

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This Bulgarian Life

Life in Bulgaria is pretty great and it’s easy for me to see why so many expats choose to move to Plovdiv. There is plenty to see and do around here and it has been very easy settling in. I have had some difficulty with the pollution this winter, as burning wood and coal is still quite common. Other than that, I’ve had no troubles feeling at home here. Most people I’ve met, whether they speak English or not, have been warm, kind, and infinitely willing to help should I need it. This is definitely a great place to live or visit (wink wink).

Other than being sick on and off over the last 5 months, I’ve really enjoyed my time here. There’s now only 4.5mo left – amazing how quickly time flies!

Plovdiv, Bulgaria - 2019 European Capital of Culture

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – 2019 European Capital of Culture

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