This semester I was lucky enough to choose the primary lesson I will be teaching. As you can see from my previous post, my school is mainly a field trip destination for elementary school students. This semester I wanted to teach about something I knew and thoroughly enjoyed = Tailgating Culture (no, not the kind involving cars).

I was really surprised (and excited) when my supervisor and mentor agreed to the topic and was completely on-board with us ordering cornhole (aka bags) boards from the US. I couldn’t believe I was going to get paid to teach students about one of the best parties in America!

Although I’m still trying to get a video made of my entire class, here’s a brief rundown of what we do in each 30min class:

First, I greet the students and we watch a quick video about tailgating. Students are then encouraged to tell me what they saw in the video and try to guess the topic. I then teach them the basic concept of tailgating (or sports picnic for the lower level kids) and some of the things we do: eat, play games, and watch football.

Afterwards, I break the kids in to 3 groups, assign them a team (Bears, Cowboys or Bengals), and they complete a quiz to see which team is best. The quiz is designed to give the students an opportunity to learn additional vocabulary through discussion in small groups.

After the quiz is finished and we determine the winner, we watch a short video explaining the rules of cornhole. I then reiterate the rules in the simplest form possible and go over a couple additional classroom rules. Then the game begins…. I’ve tweaked this part of the lesson several times due to my room being small and the boards being very very weak (they are prone to breaking if the kids lean on them). My current method is to divide the kids in to two teams and pit them against eachother = most points wins.

While they are playing cornhole (usually about 6-7min), we listen to some popular music played in football stadiums. Once the game is finished, and a winner is announced, I have the kids sit back down (to calm down) and watch sports highlights for the last 2-3min of class.

That’s it! I do this lesson between 16-20x a week and it hasn’t gotten old yet! I’m really having a great time with the kids and absolutely love to see their faces when they score their first points. I can’t believe I get paid to do this!